Eco Conscious

For every order, 2 pounds of plastic is removed from our oceans through CleanHub.

For every order, a tree is planted through OneTreePlanted. 

A few additional ways Inspirations of Eden is eco-conscious…

Recycle and reuse: 

  • Reuses packing material that is clean and in good condition. 
  • Accepts clean packing material from individuals that would like to see it used rather than throw it away.
  • For more than 10 years, my businesses have managed to reuse packing material that has already been in circulation, without purchasing new, non-eco-friendly material.
  • Material that cannot be reused is recycled when applicable.  


  • Clean up and remove trash from the shoreline while collecting sea glass for art pieces. 

      Tools and supplies: 

      • Invested in reusable tools and supplies, eliminating one time use, for making products.


      Upcycled or refurbished products are noted in the description and are in the "upcycled" category.

      • I periodically transform unwanted but useful items into artful treasures.  This keeps the unwanted out of landfills. I also enjoy refurbishing items, especially those made of wood.  

      Consumable products:

      • Offer refills on candle containers to reduce waste. 
      • I will also refill wax melt containers, tea lights and air freshener spray bottles, reducing waste.

      These are just a few of the things I do with a higher impact on reducing waste in my business.  I practice other earth conscious actions both in business and personal life, to reduce my ecological footprint and am committed to educating myself on ways to improve.